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deployment books and help for military families

We Serve Too!-The Homecoming Box

A story and an activity to keep connections strong during separations.

Free dog tag included

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We Serve Too! Around the World


Half-page sized info-coloring book chock full of information on Afghanistan and the US Military role there.

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Military ABCs Coloring Book

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie....

Learn the Military Phonetic Alphabet

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These books have been used in pre-deployment workshops with children and have an accompanying curriculum for such activities. Download a FREE discussion guide for each book here on the Discussion Guidespage, as well as FREE printable Sticker Packto adapt the Deployment book to any Branch. All other titles are Branch neutral.  

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A comprehensive plan completely accessible with shopping lists, schedules, activities, menus, etc.

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We Serve Too! Dog Tag

Beautiful and real. These dog tags say "I will be strong and courageous" on one side, with the We Serve Too! logo on the other. A reminder to be brave.

We Serve Too!-A Child's Reunion Book

Experience the joys and trials of knitting the family back together following deployment.               Free dog tag included

We Serve Too!-Little Daisy's Worst/Best Day

See how sweet puppy,Little Daisy, finds a way when she has to move to a strange new place.                              Free dog tag included

​We Serve Too!-A Child's Deployment Book

A touching "bedtime" story links a child's daily activities with those of the absent parent. (Army orientation. Free printable sticker pack to change to any branch.)

Free dog tag included

Honor and Courage for Military Kids

Deployment, Reunion, Sustainment, Relocation

Children's Picture Books...and More!

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