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Honor and Courage for Military Kids

Deployment, Reunion, Sustainment, Relocation

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In the mail:
"Thank you so much for sending Jayden a copy of your book. He really liked hearing it, and he loved the pictures. I think you’ve done a great job making deployment a little more understandable for kids. I’ll definitely be sharing it with my FRG. Thanks again for thinking of us.
Sincerely, Tiana R."
"You have created a most wonderful book. It will bless, I’m sure, the children who read it. And the adults, too! ~A.M."

From our email:

“Kathleen and Paula,
That made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up!!  You must be thrilled!!  I know that I was smiling with pride for you as I read the review!!  And your story is one of the main reasons I purchased the book in the first place.  I figured that a Nanna (what my Cristofer calls his Grandmothers) wouldn't be about something negative when it comes to little ones.  Turns out I was right.  Cristofer loves to look at the pictures and play the name this for me Momma game.  So Thank You for giving me, my husband and my son a lovely book that fits our values and beliefs to use as a tool to help a little mind and a little heart understand sacrifices and service to others and grow in love of God and country." ~T. C., Ft. Carson

From Army Wife Talk Radio Website:
Tracey said: “I just bought this book and extra dog tags a week ago for my kids. They LOVE the dog tags and wear them every day to school. My 8 year old LOVES the 'prayer for Daddy' in the activity pack. He says it every night! He and I love that the dog tags say 'I will be strong and courageous'! It gives him a little strength in his day at school when his thoughts start to wander to daddy. Great Job!”

Reviews from our website:

“The books themselves, and the concept for them, are wonderful; I would encourage others to buy a set of 14 as I did (at the suggestion of a columnist on and donate them to families of local National Guard or Reserve units deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. …I'm glad I made the purchase, and may buy more.” 

 “Terrific, and we LOVE the book! Just wondering if there are any plans for a Mommy deployment book? I am a former Army Nurse Corps officer and have many friends deploying away from their children.”

 “Shipped very quickly and the product was outstanding!”

“Service is quick, the product is excellent. I definitely recommend them.”

From First Lady Laura Bush:

"Dear Ms. Edick and Ms. Johnson,

...Thank you for the copy of We Serve Too!—A Child’s Deployment Book  and your kind inscription. President Bush and I are mindful of the burden of worry borne by the children of our deployed troops. We admire you for writing and illustrating a book to comfort these young people...."

From Dr. Paul Kengor's blog, "Vision and Values":

​......this book is rich in the virtues honored by the men who have fought for America for over 200 years."

From Bob Hamer, Breitbart Big Holywood Blogger:

... It isn’t easy explaining to a child why his parent has to leave for months at a time. My wife and I found a book that tries to make the explanation simple, “We Serve Too” by Wee the People Publishing. The book is designed to ease the burden of the non-deployed parent explaining why dad or mom is serving. It makes the children a part of that service, since they too are sacrificing and serving our nation, more than we may ever know. We bought a carton of books and gave them to deployed families. Wee the People Publishing “gets it.”
I hope you will too. Semper Fi.

From Charles G Cooper, Lt.General, US Marine Corps, Retired:

"I strongly recommend this book to all service families with young children as they face repeated deployments..."

From George and Sheila Casey:

This book is a terrific, timely resource for the thousands of military Families--especially the children who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy. It is a great tool for helping kids make sense of the stresses and emotions associated with the deployment ...and homecoming of their favorite Soldier! Its message of resiliency in the midst of challenge is one that will surely resonate with all military Families.

From Vivian Greentree, excerpt from Blue Star Families blog:

​"So, thinking about what to put in our care packages has become a running point of interest with me and the boys – “NO! Daddy does not want you to send him that frog. NO! Not even if you put it in water on the way over!” We also read We Serve Too! ( before bedtime a lot. I found that particular book when an organization I’m a part of, Blue Star Families, held a Books on Bases, Smiles on Faces program here in Virginia Beach for our local military families. The National Guard representative who came had a slew of books aimed at helping military children cope with the challenges of having a deployed parent. I have found it to be invaluable in starting conversations with MJ, who’s 5, about his feelings of missing his dad. And, it shows him that he and his brother are serving in their own way – as children in a military family – which allows him to replace some of that anger he has towards missing his dad with the pride of being a military child who is working hard in his own special way."